Nutrition – the 4th discipline

I share with you a great article on the Serpentine website which first appeared on Tri247.

The science aspect is very interesting so take some time to absorb.

I used the rules on race day last year for Tristar Nevis – a gruelling half iron on sorts in the perishing heat of the midday sun in the Carribbean. I have to say that having a guide to the amount of fluid and calorie intake the body can take each hour was enormously helpful and preparing your nutrition strategy is as important as anything else. A couple of rules:

1. If you’re going long then balance the weight of the ‘stuff’ you’re carrying against the time taken to fuel at the stations and the nutritional value of what is handed out. This varies massively.

2. Do your homework on feed stations and were they’re located. Also find out what they are dishing out.

3. Make sure you take on the appropriate calories before the race and leave plenty of time for the body to digest. Likewise for fluids.

4. Work out your anticipated finish time and add on a little. Using 200-400 calories per hour as a guide – work out how you’re going to get that into your system.

The fuelling strategy worked wonders on the bike and, importantly, I had energy left on the run. There are tips for run fuel strategy but I’m still struggling with this. Flat coke has been the best remedy so far. The calorie guide is absolutely spot on from me. I took the higher limit on the simple basis that I have a larger frame.

I would love to hear your views.

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I am an age group triathlete who has been competing in triathlons for three years. Overcome by the weatlh of information out there on the interweb, I'm on a mission to simplify it all for newcomers! Hopefully I can share a few tips along the way also.

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