Great post! I have 3 semi triathletes in re family so makes conversation a bit easier but worse for everyone else and my girlfriend!

The WaterBlogged Triathlete

Check out this fun guide to fielding questions from your non-triathlete family members at holiday gatherings!

As swimmers, we’ve definitely experienced some of this. Remember that relative who inevitably asks, “What sport do you play again?”

How about the aunt who wants to know how many times you can “go back and forth in the pool before you get tired”.

Or this one… “Do you know Michael Phelps? He’s soooooooooooo hot!”

And my personal favorite… “Do the guys ever get boners in their speedos because they’re looking at girls in swimsuits all day?”

What are some of your favorites? Feel free to share below!!!

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I am an age group triathlete who has been competing in triathlons for three years. Overcome by the weatlh of information out there on the interweb, I'm on a mission to simplify it all for newcomers! Hopefully I can share a few tips along the way also.

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