Should I train on a Boris bike?

As laughable as it sounds, the Boris bike is a legitimate training tool just as any other bike is.



  • Riding speed (if obeying the rules of the road) in London is slow and road surfaces aren’t great. Why risk ruining your race bike when you can throw around the indestructible Boris bike and not worry about damage?
  • You don’t have to worry about locks. Just type in your code and ride. If you bought a key, even easier!
  • There are more and more docking stations popping up across London so finding one should be easy.
  • You can ride point to point and not worry about where you’re leaving your bike.
  • Why not do a brick session? Ride to a park, dock and run off the bike.




  • The average triathlete is short on time and wants a quick transition. Boris bikes are the opposite to speed.If you don’t have a key you waste time typing in codes and there is the risk the bike you want is not working.
  • They are not built for your profile. 
  • Riding one after training on a racer will feel like you’re riding a 100 tonne tank.
  • They are not readily available outside Central London and certainly haven’t come very far West.


The Boris won’t replace your track bike but if you are short on time or fancy a change it can be used as part of your weekly programme and will benefit you! You can also use it for Central London brick sessions without having to worry about where to park your precious machine. And they are bullet proof!


I am an age group triathlete who has been competing in triathlons for three years. Overcome by the weatlh of information out there on the interweb, I'm on a mission to simplify it all for newcomers! Hopefully I can share a few tips along the way also.

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