That’s a busy schedule!

The Tri Road

Hello bloggy followers… It’s about time I posted again, just to remind you all that I’m not missing in action. Still alive and kicking, just super-busy. Exercise has been off and on, food intake pretty much the same and sleep almost non-existent it seems.

I did the first week of C25K again with a friend, managed to do two of the sessions while I was away in Perth for week 2, missed all of week three this past week due to an inability to readjust to the eastern time zone make myself go to bed before 2am at night. I did go to the gym twice last week though and I’m going to launch back into week 4 of C25K tomorrow.

I’ve also been busy researching wasting time on the internet, looking for fun runs to do around here. A few months ago I subscribed to Women’s Running magazine

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I am an age group triathlete who has been competing in triathlons for three years. Overcome by the weatlh of information out there on the interweb, I'm on a mission to simplify it all for newcomers! Hopefully I can share a few tips along the way also.

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